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Membership Agreement

Application And Agreement For Membership And Electric Service

The undersigned Applicant hereby applies for membership in and agrees to purchase electric energy from the Central Wisconsin Electric Cooperative
(hereinafter referred to as “Cooperative”) upon the following terms and conditions:

1.    This Application together with the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws of the Cooperative, and such policies, rules and regulations as may be adopted from time to time by the Board of Directors, including but not limited to the existing Service Rules and Regulations, constitutes a contractual agreement between the Applicant and Cooperative effective upon Cooperative’s acceptance of this Application. The Applicant shall become a member upon the Cooperative’s acceptance of this Application and agrees to comply with and be bound by all of those provisions, including any amendments thereto.

2.    The Applicant will pay a Membership Fee. No member may hold more than one membership in the Cooperative.

3.    The Applicant will deposit with the Cooperative any deposit required by the Cooperative pursuant to the Service Rules and Regulations; it being expressly understood that such deposit shall be non-interest bearing and that any portion of said deposit exceeding any amount due the Cooperative shall be refunded to the Applicant upon termination of service.

4.    The Applicant will pay any other fees or amounts required by the Cooperative which are incidental to providing electric energy at the premises described above pursuant to the Service Rules and Regulations.

5.    Applicant hereby grants to Cooperative, without charge, the perpetual right to enter upon Applicant’s land, including but not limited to the land on which electric service is herein
requested, and to survey, install, construct, reconstruct, replace, rephase, relocate, operate, maintain, renew and remove in, upon, over, under, across and through the property, electric
distribution and transmission, and communication line(s) or system(s), or any combination thereof, in any number or of any type, overhead and/or underground and all devices appurtenant thereto, in such locations as  determined by Cooperative, as Cooperative deems necessary for service to Applicant’s premises and the premises of other members, existing or future. The right, permission and authority to apportion the rights herein to third parties, or to otherwise license, permit or agree to the joint use or occupancy of the property by any other person or entity for electrification or communications purposes is also granted to Cooperative, together with the right and permission to cut down, trim, control the growth of, or eliminate by any means, including chemical applications or mechanical means, all trees, shrubbery or plant growth, endangering or interfering with any lines or facilities authorized hereunder, or impeding access to such lines or facilities, and the right of uninterrupted access, ingress and egress over Applicant’s land for the purpose of exercising any rights granted hereunder. Applicant also agrees to execute and deliver to Cooperative, upon Cooperative’s request, an easement on Cooperative’s standard form and with standard terms, as may be amended and updated from time to time, evidencing the rights conveyed herein.

6.    The Applicant shall furnish a cleared right-of-way without cost to the Cooperative that is adequate for the extension to the premises described above and along a route approved by the Cooperative.

7.    The Applicant will, when electric energy becomes available, purchase from the Cooperative all electric energy purchased for use on the premises described above or within Cooperative’s service area and will pay therefore monthly or as otherwise scheduled at rates to be determined from time to time by the Board of Directors, it being understood that all amounts paid by Applicant in excess of operating costs and expenses of the Cooperative are furnished as capital and each member shall be credited with the capital so furnished as provided in the Bylaws. It is further understood that the Cooperative may limit the amount of electric energy to be furnished for industrial uses. The Applicant will pay monthly or as otherwise scheduled a minimum amount established by the Board of Directors for the class of service regardless of the energy consumed or purchased from Cooperative. Production for use of electric energy on such premises, regardless of the source thereof, by means of facilities which shall be interconnected with Cooperative facilities, shall be subject to appropriate regulations as shall be fixed from time to time by Cooperative.

8.    Applicant warrants that the premises described above are wired and shall be maintained in accordance with Cooperative’s specifications and all applicable local, state, and national
ordinances, laws and regulations.

9.    The Applicant hereby authorizes the Cooperative to enter a subscription in Applicant’s name to the Wisconsin Electric Cooperative News, or any other similar publication, to be paid for by the Cooperative out of monthly deposits made by Applicant and other members for electric service in the same manner as are other expenses of the Cooperative.

10.  The Applicant hereby grants to the Cooperative a security interest in the capital credits or patronage capital heretofore accrued, or which may accrue, as set forth in the Bylaws.

11.  Acceptance into membership of any person who is married shall automatically be deemed acceptance of his or her spouse as a joint member unless Applicant otherwise designates in writing on this Application.


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