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Scam Alert

A co-op member notified us that they received a call from someone posing as an electric co-op employee. The caller told them that immediate payment is needed to avoid disconnection of utility services in the next half hour. The caller then provided instructions to send money via a third-party pay system. To this member’s credit he was smart enough not to fall for this scam.  Please be aware, these scam artists can be very convincing. Never give your credit card number or other personal information over the phone without verifying the call. If you receive a call that asks you to pay using a third-party system, or at all appears suspicious, please hang up and contact us at 1-800-377-2932 to report the incident. Do not call the number the caller gives you. By calling us directly, you can talk to a service representative who will confirm your bill and let you know of any problems with your account.

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